Scheat in Aries ~ the Age of Pegasus

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Rabbi Nachman in his work Likutei Moharan (2:11 and 63; See also ibid 2:1 and Sichot Haran 163) talks about the “Song of the Grasses”.


Likutei Moharan 63:

Know that every shepherd has a unique melody (nigun) according to the grasses and the place where he herds, for every animal has a grass unique to her that she needs to eat. Also a shepherd isn’t always in one place, and according to the grasses and the place where he herds, so he has a nigun. For every grass there is a song (shirah) which it speaks, that this is the aspect of Perek Shirah, and from the song of the grasses is made the nigun of the shepherd. And this is the secret of what’s written, “And Adah bore Yaval, he was father of all who sit in tents and herd, and the name of his brother [was] Yovel, he was father of all who grab the lyre and the harp.” For just when there was in the world [for the first time] a shepherd of cattle, just then there were musical instruments. And so it is with David the king, who “knows music-playing” and therefore was a shepherd … And this is the aspect of “From the edge/wing/kanaf of the earth we heard songs (z’mirot)”– [it means] that songs and nigunim come out from the “wing of the earth”, for by means of the grasses growing in the earth/land a nigun is made. And since the shepherd knows the nigun, by means of this he gives strength to the grasses, and so there is something for the animals to eat … and there is pasture for the animals … And also the nigun is good for the shepherd himself, since the shepherd is always with the animals, [because] it would be possible for them to draw [down] and lower the shepherd … to the aspect of the spirit of animals [if not for the nigun] …. And know that the king has every nigun in completeness … for the nigun is made from the growth of the land.


Likutei Moharan 11:

Know that when a person prays in the field, then all of the grasses/plants together come into the prayer, and they help him, and give him strength within his prayer.




According to traditional Hebrew astronomical calculations, the Sun is at 26 degrees Gemini on the 26th of Sivan, at 25 degrees Gemini on the 25th of Sivan and at 27 degrees Gemini on the 27th of Sivan. On the 25th of Sivan the Sun was conjunct fixed Star Al Hecka. Al Hecka on the one hand has to do with wealth, honors and power but on the other hand it’s energies can enhance greed and aggression.


Uranus/Jupiter/Scheat Conjunction in Aries



On the 26th of Sivan Fixed Star Scheat transited from Pisces to Aries. The entrance of Fixed Star Scheat into Aries was termed by Jamie Funk as the beginning of the Age of Pegasus.

At the moment of the Uranus/Jupiter/Scheat conjunction (see chart above), occurs at a moment when 1st house Saturn in Virgo conjunct fixed Stars Alkaid and Markeb is at the vertex of a Yod forming inconjunct aspects to Aquarius Neptune conjunct fixed Star Gienah conjunct Pisces Chiron in 6th house and 8th house Moon in Aries. The Uranus/Jupiter/Scheat conjunction are almost opposite (nearly 3 degree orb) Saturn in 1st house Virgo. However Chart Ruler, Mercury conjunct fixed Star Caput Algol in 9th house Taurus trines Saturn and squares the Neptune/Gienah conjunction.

The Yod is a fated aspect which forces opposite parties to resolve a conflict after realizing that they will have to accept a given situation. In the above chart (the birthchart of the Age of Pegasus) the Yod shows that alternative spiritual healing methods will finally become an integral part of the medical sciences. The academic community will have to accept the fact that spiritual healing is a legitimate field of medicine. Saturn/Alkaid conjunction indicates that spiritual healing will become legitimate after conventional medicine fails to heal the victims of unconventional war and natural catastrophes. The Saturn/Markeb conjunction as well as the opposition between the Saturn/Alkaid/Markeb conjunction and the Uranus/Jupiter/Scheat conjunction, show that educational work and the mass return to the simple faith in HaShem, the Creator, will favorably impact the legitimization of spiritual healing. The opposition between the Saturn/Alkaid/Markeb conjunction and the Uranus/Jupiter/Scheat conjunction show up the conflict between the individual and the collective: me and us. Cooperation will be necessary but there also will be a need for privacy and solitude. Rabbi Nachman from Uman teaches the importance of Hithbodeduth (Praying in solitude) as well as the importance of Praying together as one group. The trine between the 9th house Mercury/Algol conjunction in Taurus and 1st house Saturn in Virgo, shows the value of Hithbodeduth in nature surrounded by green vegetation.

However the square between the 9th house Mercury/Algol conjunction in Taurus and the 6th house Neptune/Gienah conjunction show that without the right spiritual preparation and guidance this kind of solitary praying could unleash latent aggressions and push the person beyond his own limits. All types of spiritual activities should be done with caution so that the person doesn’t overstep his own boundaries of sanity.

The Uranus/Jupiter/Scheat conjunction in 7th hosuse Aries forms and inconjunct aspect to Mars conjunct asteroid Orcus and fixed stars Phecda and Præcipua in 12th house Virgo which is opposite Chiron conjunct Neptune. The Uranus/Jupiter/Scheat conjunction also squares both asteroid Ceres conjunct fixed Star Sinistra in 4th house Sagittarius and Juno conjunct Menkalinan in 10th house Gemini.

Fixed Star Phecda is the star of spirituality and fanaticism. On the one hand it is the star for taming of beasts and civilizations but on the other hand it’s the star of bloodbaths and riots. Indeed Phecda is the star of Jihad; Islam has brought civilization to the heathens of Asia and North Africa but in the process of turning the barbarian heathens into a society of monotheists it has brought a great deal of bloodshed. Orcus is “the oath of the soul” uncompromising devotion to the soul’s mission. Præcipua’s nobility and generosity in the Mars/Orcus/Phecda/Præcipua conjunction manifests itself in voluntary educational work. The opposition between the Mars/Orcus/Phecda/Præcipua conjunction in 12th house Virgo (secret warfare and work behind the scenes) and Pisces Chiron conjunct Aquarius Neptune in 6th house (deception tactics using both technology and self-sacrifice), indicates the Jihad tactic of “attack and then pretend that you are the victim of attack” as well as the tactic of Hudna “pretend you make peace and quietly prepare the next attack”. These methods have been employed in all Islamic wars. Further the inconjunct aspect between the Uranus/Jupiter/Scheat conjunction in 7th hosuse Aries and the Mars/Orcus/Phecda/Præcipua conjunction in 12th house Virgo show that the Islamic world and the non-Islamic world will never see eye to eye and agree with each other. The only way to resolve this conflict is by a collective effort to define clear and solid borders between different groups with incompatible characteristics. Menkalinan, is a lucid yellow star in the left Shoulder of the Rein-holder. This star has also to do with violent deaths. And Sinistra is the star of sorcery, drugs and poisoning. The square between the Uranus/Jupiter/Scheat conjunction and the Ceres/Sinistra conjunction as well as the Juno/ Menkalinan conjunction shows that violence and abuse in marriage and families will reach a climax before collective spiritual awareness of humanity will expand and transform society and family relationships. Rabbi Nachman teaches that enlightenment heals the ills of society.

The Uranus/Jupiter/Scheat conjunction in 7th hosuse Aries heralds an era of partnership in spiritual growth and enlightenment through learning and teaching Divine Wisdom.

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