Markab & Homam ~ Pegasus Synchronicities

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On Thursday, 30th of Heshvan 5776, first day of Rosh Hodesh Kislev, we read in the daily portion of the Torah (Bereshit 26, 23-25): Be’er Sheva was named after the well, which Yitzchak Avinu named “Shiva” after his servants told him that they found water in it. After that we read about how Ya’akov Avinu under the guidance of Rivka Imenu pretends to be Esaw in order to snatch the Blessings from Yitzchak Avinu.

Furthermore on the 30th of Heshvan 5776, Mars was at 29°39′ Virgo conjunct North Node at 29°58′ Virgo, Jupiter at 18°35′ Virgo conjunct Fixed Star Asterion (17°42′ Virgo) in opposition to Retrograde Chiron 17°03′ Pisces conjunct Fixed Star Homam (16°08′ Pisces). In my Natal Chart Retrograde Pluto at 13°07′ Virgo conjunct Fixed Star Coxa (13°25′ Virgo) in my 6th house (logical thinking, reading and writing) forms an opposition with Chiron at 13°55′ Pisces in my 12th house (mystical inspiration, intuition and spiritual healing).


Healing Waters


So What happened to me that day?

I sat at my computer and continued to write my webpage about Turquoise. Whilst typing, I discovered that Turquoise is the Birthstone of Fixed Star Markab (Pegasus). As I continued with my research on the metaphysical properties of Turquoise, I hit on a book written by American Rockhound George Frederick Kunz (born 29 Elul 5616) and subsequently I added a paragraph to my “Crystals & Stars” Blog page.

After that, I encountered on Facebook a link to Lindsey Stirling (born 17 Elul 5746) whose Celtic violin tunes inspire me and awaken karmic memories buried deeply in my subconscious mind. I then placed an order for a Stonehenge Bluestone Bracelet and won on an eBay auction a Green-Yellow-White Fluorite Cabochon.

In the afternoon, I received my Smartphone from repair and was delighted to discover that it had been completely refurbished like new. My joy grew even more when I was surprised to find in my email a contract for a technical translation (dealing with a Device Finder Application).

In parallel a started a new project dealing with Rav Sa’adiah Gaon‘s writings. Already as an Undergraduate Student, I discovered a very deep spiritual connection to this Babylonian Sage.



The themes of the daily Torah portion for the 30th of Heshvan: Water, Purification, Deception, Undercover Work, Discovery.


The themes of my personal experiences that day: Purchases, Business Contracts, Smartphones, Discovery, Intuition, Writing, Research, Astrology, Birthstones.


Influences of Fixed Star Coxa (13°25′ Virgo): Good for voyages, gain by merchandise, redemption of captives; prophetic ability (with Zosma: “the Oracle”); strength; wisdom.

Coxa Birthstone: Pink Fluorite


Influences of Fixed Star Asterion (17°42′ Virgo): Gives a love of hunting and a penetrating mind, making those born under it faithful, keen, clever and fond of speculation.

Asterion Birthstone: Celestite


Influences of Fixed Star Homam (16°08′ Pisces): Lucky Star of the Hero; Lucky Star of the Ostriches; the Whisperer of Secrets; Psychic communication with the deceased.

Homam Birthstone: Yellow Apatite


Arabian Ostrich Hunt.

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