Alisa’s Biography

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The Face behind my Curriculum Vitae ♥

I’m very good when it comes to writing other people’s biographies, but rather tongue tied when it comes to my own. “Success Story” – different people define “success” in different terms. In essence, “success” is reaching the goal you set yourself. In the world of business, goals are usually defined in numerical terms but in the spiritual world goals are defined in karmic terms. I’ve got one foot in each of these two worlds – my business niche is in the world of stars and crystals. Stars and crystals have always been my passion since I was a very small child. I remember at the age of three gazing at my mother’s diamond ring with wonder. When I still was in primary school I saved my pocket money to buy my first tumbled Jade stone. At the age of four, I was travelling with my mother in the train and this elderly lady was sitting on the bench opposite me reading a horoscope. I looked at the diagram of the cosmic wheel with awe and knew at that very moment, that this is what I’m going to do when I grow up. However, I was raised in a society, which deemed lawyers and teachers as respectable people and astrologers as half outlaws, half nutcases. So I grew up, like all school kids in the 1970s graduating from High School and going to University. I signed up for Computer Science because my highest grades where in Mathematics, but after half a semester I decided that this wasn’t my place in life. The paradox is that throughout my school years I got the highest grades in Mathematics and the Natural Sciences, but in the Arts, especially Literature, I was far below average. However, at university I discovered that it was the Arts, which I really loved. Therefore, after realizing how deep my aversion was for Computer Science, I signed up for Linguistics and Medieval Hebrew Philology. I entered the world of Astrology when I did coursework on Medieval Hebrew Manuscripts in one of the archives. These ancient manuscripts contain a world of astrological information, which was never published. I was mesmerized by those precious gems of timeless wisdom contained in those long forgotten documents. My appetite was aroused and I bought my first text book on Astrology at the local bookshop. From then on, I started reading people’s horoscopes as a hobby. I never formally studied this ancient art; most of my knowledge is from reading books and medieval manuscripts, but more than anything else from reading horoscopes. Up until 2005 I was employed as a research assistant at the university. After our salaries were cut, I decided the time had come to be a freelancer. My job at the university was more or less a default solution for paying my bills and over time I got more and more frustrated. Leaving my job felt to me like being released from slavery. In 2005, I opened my online store selling crystals and jewelry. I had no idea how to go about it. At first, the whole venture was frozen; no traffic, no sales … nothing. But then I started to get active on astrological forums and people offered to pay me for reading their charts. For religious and ethical reasons, I don’t take payment for reading horoscopes, but I offer horoscopes as a freebie for people who buy from my store. I started to consider myself a successful astrologer when people bought from my store for the sole purpose to have their charts read. In terms of monthly income, my situation would be much better if I offered horoscopes in return for payment. But my karma is more important to me than an expensive car. Today I’m living my life the way I want to … the best thing about my professional life is that I don’t have to leave the safe borders of my own home to go to work; my home is both my office and my shop. My husband is a farmer and we don’t need cash to buy food. I don’t hold a credit card or a checkbook. Locally I do all my business in cash and as an online freelancer I take payment over PayPal.

Bottom line: I earn enough for my physical survival – not more, not less. But I’m free to live the way I want to live – nature’s child without expensive restaurants, hotels and malls. Is this a success story? Decide for yourself.



When I’m asleep the Stars shine down on me ~ ♥ ~

Sending Rays of light through the Galaxy ~ ♥ ~

And in my Dreams my Crystals sing to me ~ ♥ ~

The cosmic tunes of the Celestial Symphony ~ ♥ ~

~~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~~


Welcome on board our enchanted Canoe ~ ♥ ~

sailing down the Milky Way ~ ♥ ~

and ~ ♥ ~

shining with the Light of Divine Crystals ~ ♥ ~

singing the Music of the Cosmos ~ ♥ ~

with Love to the Creator

Garden Gate

♥ ♥ ♥ Love & Light ♥ ♥ ♥


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