Neptune & Pluto Synchronicities on Purim 5776


Plume Agate


Moshe Rabeinu was born on Shabbat the 7th of Adar in the year 2368 from creation, and was circumcised on the 14th of Adar, the same day Jews worldwide celebrate the miracle of Purim.

A detailed account of the miracle of Purim has been written in the Book of Esther (“Megilath Esther”). The events recorded in the Book of Esther spanned over a period of several years, culminating in the victory celebrations of Adar 14-15 in the year 356 BCE.

۞ On the 1st of Tevet 362 BCE, Esther becomes queen.

۞ On Nissan 13, 357 BCE, the Royal decree was issued ordering the killing of all Jews.

۞ From Nissan 14 to 16, 357 BCE, the Jews fasted as ordered by Esther.

۞ On Nissan 17, 357 BCE, Queen Eshter holds the second wine party with King Achashveirosh and Haman. At this second wine party, Esther unmasks Haman thereby bringing his downfall and hanging together with his ten sons.


Purim 5776


On Purim Morning 5776, I decided to wear my Shungite Necklace with my Shamanite (Black Calcite) Pendant.

Mid-morning I went round to the post office to pick up my new Plume Agate which I purchased from a Rock Hound in Boise, Idaho, U.S. Needless to say that I was wearing the Shungite and Shamanite necklace when I picked up my beautiful Plume Agate at exactly 11:27 a.m.

۞ Plume Agate is the birthstone for the 26th of Shevat (26°-27° Aquarius).

۞ Black Calcite (Shamanite) is the birthstone for the 16th of Tevet (16°-17° Capricorn).

۞ Shungite is the birthstone for the 9th of Adar (9°-10° Pisces).

At home I prepared a horoscope for the 14th Adar 5776, 11:27 a.m., Hadera, the exact place and time when I received my beautiful Plume Agate for celebrating Purim.

The horoscope highlighted the following synchronicity on receiving my Plume Agate at the post office:
۞ Neptune was at 10°24′ Pisces. Shungite is the Quest Birthstone for 10°-11° Pisces, hence Shungite was the Quest Birthstone for the placement of Neptune at that moment.

۞ Pluto was at 17°20′ Capricorn. Black Calcite (Shamanite) is the Quest Birthstone for 17°-18° Pisces, so the Quest Birthstone for the placement of Pluto at that moment was Shamanite.

۞ The midpoint between Neptune (10°24′ Pisces) and Pluto (17°20′ Capricorn) was exactly 26°32′ Aquarius. And therefore the Plume Agate, at the time when I picked it up at the post office, was the Focus Birthstone for the midpoint between Neptune and Pluto!

Indeed my beautiful Plume Agate heralded some important changes in my spiritual growth:
I uncovered some malicious gossip which had been going on behind my back. I unmasked some dishonest clients and vendors but also was pleasantly surprised to encounter honest and friendly clients and vendors.

The karmic lesson I was taught by my Plume Agate on this Purim was: The truth is always buried behind the masks worn by people and the scenes that meet our human eyes – but time will reveal the truth by means of Divine Synchronicities just like the miracle of Purim. Don’t believe what you see at first sight, look deeper into the situation to discover the truth beneath the surface and behind the scenes. Because “reality” as we see with our human eyes at first sight is only the tip of the iceberg.


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For a detailed explanation on “Karmic Condition”, “Focus” and “Quest” birthstones, see the following blog article:




The Birthstones for Pisces

1st Adar 1° – 2° Pisces Sonoran Sunrise Jasper
2nd Adar 2° – 3° Pisces Petrified Wood
3rd Adar 3° – 4° Pisces Ocean Jasper
4th Adar 4° – 5° Pisces Green Kyanite
5th Adar 5° – 6° Pisces Enhydro Agate (AKA Water Agate)
6th Adar 6° – 7° Pisces Snakeskin Agate
7th Adar 7° – 8° Pisces Blue Kyanite
8th Adar 8° – 9° Pisces Yellow Jasper
9th Adar 9° – 10° Pisces Shungite
10th Adar 10° – 11° Pisces Shiva Lingham
11th Adar 11° – 12° Pisces Neptunite
12th Adar 12° – 13° Pisces Blue Lace Agate
13th Adar 13° – 14° Pisces Eclipse Stone
14th Adar 14° – 15° Pisces Andalusite
15th Adar 15°-16° Pisces Aquamarine
16th Adar 16° – 17° Pisces Yellow Apatite
17th Adar 17° – 18° Pisces Pink Stilbite
18th Adar 18° – 19° Pisces Chiastolite
19th Adar 19° – 20° Pisces Atacamite
20th Adar 20° – 21° Pisces Septarian (Dragon Stone)
21st Adar 21° – 22° Pisces Dendritic Agate (Tree Agate)
22nd Adar 22° – 23° Pisces Selenite
23rd Adar 23° – 24° Pisces Turquoise
24th Adar 24° – 25° Pisces Paua Shell (Abalone)
25th Adar 25° – 26° Pisces Seraphinite
26th Adar 26° – 27° Pisces Carnelian
27th Adar 27° – 28° Pisces Rainbow Moonstone
28th Adar 28° – 29° Pisces Green Apophyllite
29th Adar 29° – 30° Pisces Smithsonite
30th Adar 30° Pisces – 0° Aries Genesis Jasper (Banded Iron, Genesis Stone)