Pluto ~ the Star of Avraham Avinu

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Pluto encompasses the Zodiac Wheel during 248 years; thus Pluto sojourns in every sign for 24 years. The Gematria of Avraham is 248. Out of the 613 Mitzvoth, there are 248 Mitzvoth Ase (active commands) and 365 Mitzvoth Lo-Ta’ase (prohibitions). Avraham Avinu brought to perfection the sphere of Hessed (loving kindness).

The Midrash tells us about the astrological omens around Avraham Avinu’s birth:

One night the star-gazers noticed, a new star rising in the East. Every night it grew brighter. They informed Nimrod.

Nimrod called together his magicians and astrologers. They all agreed that it meant that a new baby was to be born who might challenge Nimrod’s power. It was decided that in order to prevent this, all new-born baby-boys would have to die, starting from the king’s own palace, down to the humblest slave’s hut.

And who was to be put in charge of this important task? Why, Terah, of course, the king’s most trusted servant.

Terah sent out his men to round up all expectant mothers. The king’s palace was turned into a gigantic maternity ward. A lucky mother gave birth to a girl, and then they were both sent home, laden with gifts. But if the baby happened to be a boy, he was put to death without mercy.

One night, Nimrod’s star-gazers watching that new star, saw it grow very bright and suddenly dart across the sky, first in one direction then in another, west, east, north and south, swallowing up all other stars in its path.

Nimrod was with his star-gazers on the roof of his palace, and saw the strange display in the sky with his own eyes. “What is the meaning of this?” he demanded.

“There can be only one explanation. A son was born tonight who would challenge the king’s power, and the father is none other than Terah.”

“Terah?!” Nimrod roared. “My own trusted servant?”



Retrograde Pluto goes in direction from East to West and Pluto. Pluto’s orbit is elliptical and therefore when Pluto, at certain points in it’s path, comes closer to the earth it seems to grow larger. In the Midrash Nimrod’s astrologers observed Pluto occulting other stars; here is an example of Pluto occulting a star:


Pluto indicates death and rebirth as well as survival. Pluto also indicates radical changes and transformations in a person’s life. The circumstances of Avraham’s birth illustrate the influences of Pluto. Already as a small child Avraham converts from idol worship to monotheism and smashes his parents idols. Later on in life Nimrod places Avraham inside a furnace after sentencing him to death but Avraham survives against all odds due to a miracle HaShem made for him. Avraham witnesses the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, prays for Lot’s survival and sees his prayers answered by a miracle. Pluto has to do with conversion, destruction of old patterns and values (smashing the idols), survival, miracles. Avraham and his wife Sara were childless and in old age by a miracle HaShem gave them a son, Yitzchak. Pluto has also to do with fertility and infertility.

The placement of Pluto in a birthchart shows in which area of a person’s life the native has the greatest potential for receiving miracles through prayer and faith in HaShem.

Pluto in 1st house shows a person’s potential for miracles in their physical appearance and public image. A person with Pluto in the 1st house can become beautiful in the eyes of others through prayer and faith.

Pluto in 2nd house shows a person’s potential for miracles in their financial situation. Through prayer and faith the native can become suddenly very wealthy.

Pluto in 3rd house shows a person’s potential for miracles in their power of speech and verbal communication.

Pluto in 4th house shows a person’s potential for miracles in their family life; in 5th house brings miracles in their love life and relationship with their children; in 6th house brings miracles in their health and work; in 7th house brings miracles in their marriage; in 8th house brings miraculous survival from dangers of death; in 9th house brings miracles in faith and wisdom; in 10th house brings miraculous successes; in 11th house brings miracles in social life and in 12th house brings miracles in psychic encounters.

On the one hand Pluto indicates a hopeless situation where a person can do nothing but pray, but on the other hand Pluto shows where a person can overcome their hopelessness by a miracle brought about through prayer and faith just like Avraham Avinu.

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